Online Management System for
Work Health & Safety

What Is SimpleWHS & Who Uses It?

SimpleWHS is an online application that brings Work Health & Safety management under one roof, synchronising and linking multiple WHS items to multiple resources and helping you comply with the law. It is most helpful to enterprises that employ workers or contractors.

Comprehensive But Not Complicated!

Is YOUR WHS taking you down a stormy road?

How SimpleWHS can help solve the WHS puzzle!

Link and Sync WHS to Resources

Synchronising and linking multiple WHS items to multiple resources.

  • Risk & Hazard Management

    SWMS, JSEAs, SRAs, SOPs. Confusing? They’re all methods of assessing the risk of a hazard!
    Risk Assessments are easily created and synchronised to every resource that uses them. Hazards can be quickly identified and controlled. Employees are notified of hazards and new or updated assessments. They can also be made to sign to verify they have been notified.
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  • Incident Management

    Serious and non serious, injuries and criminal – all incidents can be managed simply and efficiently. Track every aspect of an incident through investigation to work cover. Initiate controls for prevention and comply with your state’s legislation.
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  • Monitoring

    Use the audit template to create an unlimited number of audits and then carry out those audits as required.
    Monitor certification of assets, workers and locations, track service and maintenance of assets, manage drug and alcohol testing.
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  • Training

    Create training courses, schedule training sessions and assign and notify workers to sessions.
    Workers can complete examinations and be required to sign to verify their training. Link to all resources  that the training relates to.
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  • Consultation

    Manage toolbox meetings, prestart and committee meetings and general safety meetings.

    Notify employees of meetings and track attendance.

    Assign jobs to employees from topics discussed and track assignment progress.
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  • Registers

    Registers enable tracking of resources that require WHS management such as assets, locations, services/maintenance, hazardous materials, jobs, contractors, workers, visitors.

    Generate QR codes that when scanned can display all safety data for the item.

    Every WHS item is synchronised to these registers.
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  • Administration

    The Admin section is the “engine room” of SimpleWHS.
    From here you manage Users & User Roles, Documentation, Tasks and Policies.
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  • Emergency Planning

    Emergency contacts (accessible to all personnel), emergency wardens, emergency procedures and emergency equipment management
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Accessible on any device via cloud services

No downloads or installs!

Fully responsive...

Crisp, clean and
easy to read data display

When it comes to styling...
users are the choosers

Charts and calendars

Multiple report and export options
Pdf, Word & Excel
  • Consultative

    Site personnel are notified by SMS and email regarding any WHS issue.

    Track safety meetings, attendance, committees, reps, and assign issue resolution.

    Manage site visitors.

  • Accessable

    The SimpleWHS application can be accessed by your workers, contractors and management.

    A user role is assigned to each user and this governs what that person can and can’t see.

  • Cloud Based

    SimpleWHS resides on secure cloud servers. It can be accessed from any device, anywhere, any time and by any person who has a username and password.
    No downloading or installing!

  • Compliant

    Don’t let non compliance with legislation ruin you in the event of a serious incident!

    Every section of SimpleWHS has a link to state legislation that is relevant to that section.

  • Multiple Registers

    Multiple registers enable WHS issues and related documents and files to be linked to all affected resources such as assets, locations, services/maintenance, hazardous materials, jobs, contractors, workers, visitors.

  • Integrated

    Multiple WHS items can be attached and linked to multiple resources making your WHS fully integrated and simple to manage.

    No need for extra labour or expensive external resources such as WHS management companies.

  • Cost Effective

    The annual subscription sets no limits to the sites you can manage or the number of locations within that site.
    Application is no longer required? Simply don’t pay the next annual subscription.

  • Multiple Industries and Sites

    SimpleWHS can be used in almost any industry where WHS needs to be managed.

    No limits on sites or site locations!

  • Comprehensive

    SimpleWHS manages:

    • Risk Assessments
    • Hazards
    • Incidents
    • Monitoring and Auditing
    • Training
    • Notification and Consultation
    • Much more

Quickly find all WHS issues for any resource!

Every WHS issue is synchronised to the resources affected.

Simple and Powerful

Comprehensive But Not Complicated!

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help

Emergency Management and Planning

Every aspect of emergency management can be tracked including;

  • Procedure planning and implementation
  • Emergency contacts (external and internal) readily accessible to all personnel
  • Assignment, training and activity tracking of emergency wardens
  • Managing the availability, auditing of and training for emergency equipment
  • Track usage of first aid equipment

Hazard Management and Risk Assessment

Hazards can be reported immediately by workers and contractors from their mobile phones.
The delegated site WHS coordinator receives and SMS and email notifying them of the hazard.
They then assess the hazard and send a general notification to all personnel.

The entire system from identification to controlling the hazard is tracked and managed from one place.

JSEAs, SWMS, SREAs, SOPs – theses risk assessments can be created and all personnel notified of updates or new assessments.

You have a legal duty to consult!

This duty to consult with all levels of personnel within your organisation is made easy with meetings, committees, and health & safety representatives managed.

Workers and contractors are notified of meetings and attendance tracked.

Issues identified at meetings can be assigned to people to fix and then can be easily followed up.

Monitoring and reviewing WHS processes is a legal requirement

An unlimited amount of audit templates can be created to monitor and review every system, procedure, asset or location.

Items that fail to pass audits can be assigned as tasks for selected personnel to fix. Progress can then be tracked.

Drug and alcohol testing and health monitoring can be recorded and actioned and all associated documentation linked and attached.

Workers licenses, certification and verification of competencies (VOCs) can be managed as well as the service and maintenance of assets and locations.

Document and Attachment Management

The document and attachment manager enables you to easily manage massive quantities of documents and files , linking and attaching them to multiple resources and WHS issues.

Finding a document becomes lightning fast with the powerful search, filter and grouping capability.

Task Management

Assign tasks to admin staff, prioritise them and track progress.

User Management

Assign a user name and password to all your people so they have access to all the WHS issues relevant to them. Assign roles to each user to control what they can and can’t see.

Registers to manage resources

Multiple, easy to maintain resource registers can be activated for the management of;

  • Sites (multiple sites can be managed with SimpleWHS)
  • Workers
  • Contractors and contractor jobs
  • Locations
  • Assets (machinery, plant, equipment and tools)
  • Hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods
  • Jobs
  • Site visitors

Incidents managed from occurrence to completion

Every detail of an incident can be tracked, assigned and bought to completion efficiently. This includes;

  • reports
  • investigations
  • counselling
  • work cover issues
  • assessment of further risk
  • controls to eliminate reoccurrence
  • much more

Unlimited amounts of documents and files, such as images, videos, PDFs Word documents etc., can be attached and linked to resources affected by the incident such as workers, contractors, assets, locations, chemicals or jobs.

Design and create training courses in any digital format

You can develop as many courses as you like using video, power point, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc., or you can link to a web based course such as a Moodle course or one designed in any other course development application.

Exams can be attached to courses and pass requirements set.

Training sessions can be created and workers/contractors notified to attend.

Workers can be made to sign off on training to prove they have completed the course and understand the course material.

Pricing & Subscription

New Price Offer

We are about to release an exciting new price offer that enables users to access Simple WHS in sections so that you can tailor it to your business better.

These changes will be anounced in a few days.

Contact Us

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Who are we?

SimpleWHS Pty Ltd distributes the cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) application known as SimpleWHS.

Branded after the company (SimpleWHS) the application has been built around an extensive experience base in project management particularly in relation to the evolution of Work Health & Safety practices over recent years.

The company’s software developers have used decades of experience in building operations management applications to create SimpleWHS.

The directors and key staff members are certified WHSAs (Work Health and Safety Advisers) and their experience within the Australian agricultural industry, which has the highest fatality rate of any other Australian industrial sector , has contributed to the design of SimpleWHS.

Part of the solution to reducing the health and safety risk on farms is more efficient management and communication of the processes that can make farms safer workplaces.

The SimpleWHS team is dedicated to making it easier and more cost effective to

Get every worker home every night!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there additional costs?

No! The subscription is all inclusive.

Is my information safe?


Your data is stored on secure Microsoft Azure cloud servers.

The data is stored on servers in Australia, South East Asia and Eastern USA.

In the unlikely event of a server disruption the backup servers in other countries will seamlessly continue serving your data.

Our username and password system is also very secure, ensuring that the only people to see the data are the ones whom you want to.

Can I change the colour theme?

You can change many features of the look and feel and it’s fully explained in the “Changing the Look and Feel” help article.

What about Refunds?

We have a 30 day full refund policy.

Is Support Included?

Email us here for support.
We will get back to you very quickly.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

There is only one plan.

Yes you can cancel at any time by simply not renewing your annual subscription.

You can even download all your data before your subscription ends.

Can I use one subscription for multiple companies?

Yes – and No.

If you are able to combine all the sites and resources from other companies into one for the sake of WHS administration then yes. An unlimited number of sites can be set up within a subscription. Each site also has an unlimited number of locations that can be set up for each site.

If you need to keep your companies separate then you’ll need a subscription for each company.

We are happy to discuss a discount for extra subscriptions.

Is SimpleWHS Australian Standard AS/NZS 4801:2001 compliant?

AS/NZS 4801:2001 is the Australian and New Zealand Standard for safety management.

To achieve AS/NZS 4801:2001 certification an organisation is required to :

  • Develop, implement, and maintain an effective  WHS/OH&S management system
  • Have assurance that their company conforms with the required WHS/OH&S regulation
  • Provide evidence of conformance to interested stakeholders, including enhancement of your reputation as a safe and reliable partner, contractor or supplier
  • Demonstrate knowledge and control over all relevant hazards, including reductions in workplace injuries, illness and incidents
  • Tender for work by being able to declare conformance with the standard

SimpleWHS is a tool that enables an organisation to demonstrate that the systems required to conform to the above standard are in place.

Can I get custom changes made to the application?

We get a number of requests for changes or additions to SimpleWHS.

When we believe that the requested change will make the application a better product we will include it.

Do I get updates with my subscription?


When updates are made to the application they are automatically available to all users free of charge – forever.

On rare occasion we may need to do routine maintenance on the server resulting in a brief disruption to the service, however we will notify you well before this occurs.

Do I need an internet connection?

Currently – Yes.

SimpleWHS is a cloud based application.

There will be an upcoming change to this where offline use will be enabled.

This will be announced on our blog when it happens and a help article will be included.

I have very poor internet. Can I use the product?

Mostly yes.

We’ve discovered that the application will work with even a weak internet connection although it may slow up a bit.

Usually even a property with a poor internet service has “hot spots” where the service is better however, on some remote properties there is no internet service at all. Unfortunately in this case the application won’t work until an internet connection can be made.

There will be an upcoming change to this where offline use will be enabled.

This will be announced on our blog when it happens and a help article will be included.

How can I control who gets to see what?

SimpleWHS has a simple but powerful security system.

When you subscribe you will be given a username and password that has an “Administrator” role.

Only a user with an Administrator role can create another user with an Administrator role.

A user with an Administrator role can also create an unlimited amount of users with “Office Admin”,  “Employee”, “Contractor”, “Visitor”, “Guest” and “Inactive” roles.

A user with an “Office Admin” role can create unlimited users with all roles EXCEPT “Administrator” and “Office Admin”.

These roles determine what a user can see.

Only a user with an “Administrator” role can delete records.

How do I find the law relating to WHS issues?

Every section of SimpleWHS has a link to the legislation relating to that section.

These legislation links provide the WHS legislation from each state in Australia.

Is there a steep learning curve to operating SimpeWHS?

Not if you follow the guides.

The guides give a short but concise explanation for:

There are also extensive guides for every section of the application.

Does SimpleWHS integrate with my current Payroll and HR systems?

Yes  – BUT…

Synchronisation of data to and from payroll systems such as MYOB, Reckon etc can be achieved by exporting and importing processes.

However, SimpleWHS is designed to manage Work Health and safety not HR management or payrolls and as such the data that is used from the payroll/HR systems is limited to employees and their basic details.

An import procedure can be used to populate the initial input of this data but it is usually easier and less time consuming to just duplicate an employee’s details into SimpleWHS when they are hired.

We DO have an HR management module available which IS seamlessly integrated with SimpleWHS. This does not manage payrolls but manages the following and more:

  • Applicants
    • online application forms
    • grading of potential employees
    • reference checking
    • inductions
    • comprehensive details
  • Employees
    • comprehensive personal details
    • skills and qualifactions tracking
    • immigration and visa tracking
    • performance rating
    • job placements
  • Jobs
    • placement of employees (across multiple sites)
    • scheduling current and future jobs

Please email us here for details about integrating Labour management with WHS management.

How long does it take to set up SimpleWHS ready for use?

It can take as little as a few hours to have SimpleWHS up and running.

It may take longer to complete the setup of all your resources (sites, workers, contractors, contractor jobs, locations, assets, hazardous chemicals and jobs) and to upload any of your existing safety data such as your own SOPs, Incident information, documents etc., but this can be an ongoing process where information is added as needed while using the system.

Click here to see the set up process.

Your subscriptions are based on user numbers. How many "Users" do I need?

WHS legislation makes the Person Conduction a Business or Undertaking (PCBU)  responsible for everyone that enters your site .

The legislation categorises your site personal into “Workers” or “Other Persons”

Because of this every person who is on site including family members or management are classed in either of these categories.

A small undertaking would be one of up to 10 workers and site visitors. A medium undertaking would be one of up to 20 workers and site visitors while  large scale operation would be one where workers and site vistors range from 21 to hundreds, or even thousands.

FAQ did not answer your question?

Email us here for support.


“My company provides labour to over 30 cotton farms, feed lots, cattle stations and sheep stations in the Western Darling Downs region of Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Applicants apply from all over the world and I have a rigorous selection process to ensure the labour I provide my clients is suitable for the often challenging environment of life on large agricultural properties.
It is also imperative that I manage the many work health & safety aspects that are required for every worker on every job.

I have successfully used SimpleWHS for both labour management and WHS management for a number of years. It’s a very simple but immensely powerful tool for getting the management of labour right”