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SimpleWHS Overview

SimpleWHS – An Overview.

What is SimpleWHS and what does it do?

SimpleWHS is a secure cloud based application that

SimpleWHS can operate on any device (PC’s, mobile phones, tablets or laptops) anywhere there is an internet connection at any time with no special set up.

It’s a SaaS application (Software as a Service) and requires no contracts – just a yearly rental – and no downloads.

It can be used to manage the WHS of multiple sites within your enterprise.

What does Secure Cloud Based Mean?

SimpleWHS is a secure cloud based application.

This means that the database that holds the huge quantity of data does not reside on a private computing device.

The user interface, the part that the user sees on the screen, is also hosted on cloud servers and fed via the internet to your screen.

The advantages for the users are tremendous!

It means that there are no downloads required or special devices. No data whatsoever is held on your personal device. Drop, smash or lose your PC, phone or tablet and you’ll pick up again exactly where you left off without losing even a single line of data and no backing up is ever required.

SimpleWHS uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud service as the application and database host.

Azure is incredibly secure with geo-locational backups ( a server is destroyed in an earthquake or nuclear attack and the backups on other servers around the world automatically fire up to replace it.

A further advantage is software costs to the end user. The developers need only maintain, and upgrade one database and one application and it’s ready for any user next time they log on.

There’s no need to maintain thousands of individual applications around the world making sure each one is downloaded and installed properly.

Your privacy is always assured with the massive encryption capabilities of Microsoft’s security systems.

SimpleWHS is designed to…


For many business owners WHS is a puzzle!

What makes it so difficult when it’s basically just knowing what people are doing, how they do it, working out what could hurt them and doing what you can to prevent it?

Well, there are pieces to the puzzle that can be a challenge.

SimpleWHS helps brings all the pieces together in a coherent, manageable way with a minimum of extra cost.


Satisfy Stringent Australian WHS Legislation.

The health and safety of work sites in Australia is covered by legislation and Australian WHS legislation is arguably the most comprehensive in the world.

Every section of SimpleWHS is designed around  a requirement in the Australian WHS legislation Each section has a link to the relevant legislation in all states.

Setting up SimpleWHS correctly can help manage your work health and safety in a way that makes your business compliant with state legislation while minimising the cost and stress of compliance.

This in turn lowers your risk of fines and penalties and reduces insurance costs.

At the same time a safer workplace is created and your reputation as an operator who demands professionalism is exposed to all who are exposed to your operation.


Synchronise all the pieces of the puzzle.

The WHS puzzle is completed when all the pieces are in place and perfectly synchronised.

Legislation is satisfied, systems are in place to reduce the risk of accidents, workers and management are notified immediately of issues – all synced together in a seamless yet simple system that requires less management resources than most people think.

Risk Management

WHS is fundamentally about the management of risk.

Risk management involves 4 processes. These are:

  1. Identifying Hazards – finding out what could cause harm
  2. Assessing Risk -understanding the nature of the harm that could be caused by the hazard, how serious the harm could be and the likelihood of it happening
  3. Controlling risks – implementing the most effective control measures that will eliminate or reduce the risk, using the hierarchy of controls and what is reasonably practicable in the circumstances.
  4. Periodically monitor and review control measures to ensure they are working as intended

Hazard Identification

SimpleWHS makes it easy for anyone on a site to report a hazard immediately it is discovered.

The site WHS coordinator is automatically notified by SMS and email and from there all personnel are notified by SMS and email.

Risk Assessed


These are all types of risk assessment.

Some are required by law, such as a SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) for high risk construction work.

All are useful for assessing the risk that arises from a hazard or a potentially unsafe practice or procedure.

SimpleWHS manages risk assessments by making it easy to track them to every resource that is affected by them such as sites, assets, locations, jobs, workers and contractors. Workers and contractors are notified by SMS and email of new and updated assessments and they can be made to sign to verify they have been notified.

Controls Initiated

The appropriate controls are initiated according to the hierarchy of controls as outlined here . This is always achieved through consultation with every level of personnel affected by, or potentially affected by, a hazard. The consultation section has powerful tool s to consult with staff and assign actions.

Monitoring and reviewing

A system of monitoring and reviewing is then activated.

Again SimpleWHS makes this easy by it’s capability to create an unlimited amount of audits that can be used in associated with the consultation section to keep track of exactly what is working and what is not.

Learn about the Risk Management section here.

Incident Management

Serious and non serious, injuries and criminal – all incidents need to be managed. This means a simple system of reporting, investigation and follow up needs to be followed.

Serious incidents need to be reported to authorities and require investigation to ensure the incident does not reoccur.

Incidents can be managed simply and efficiently within SimpleWHS.

Track every aspect of an incident through investigation to work cover and the initiation of controls for prevention.

Learn about the Incidents section here


The monitoring section of SimpleWHS enables an enterprise to fulfil the law’s demands to monitor WHS systems, procedures and compliance.

It achieves this through…

Audit templates can be created and then regular audits carried out on site using mobile phones or tablets.

See more about audits here.

Drug & Alcohol Testing.
Manage employee drug and alcohol testing from notification of employees to managing non compliance.

See more about drug and alcohol testing here.

Certification, VOCs & Compliance.
Monitor certification of assets, workers and locations. Control Verification of Competencies (VOCs) and track and manage compliance.

See more about certification here.

Service, Maintenance & Repair.
Track service and maintenance of plant, machinery and equipment. Print labels that can be adhered to assets and read from a mobile phone displaying Safe Operating Procedures and service history.

See more about service and maintenance here.


Training courses can be created by your organisation and tailored to suit your own requirements or they can consist of a link to some form of online course such as a course created in Moodle or any such application.

Any type of training course can be created such as…

  • Inductions.
  • Operating procedures (can be linked to a SOP).
  • Service procedures.

Once a training course has been created notifications can be generated to workers to participate in a training session.

A training session can be a scheduled and multiple workers notified to attend, or it can be a one off session for one worker such as induction for a new employee before he/she begins work.

Training courses can be connected to an exam which workers can be required to complete.
Each session can be signed digitally by the worker on his/her phone or other device to confirm they have undergone the training.

Learn about the training section here


Consultation throughout the different levels of an enterprise is crucial to effective WHS!

It is also a legal requirement.

A SOP (Safe Operating Procedure) will never be successful at controlling job safety if it doesn’t make sense to the person carrying out the job.
It will simply have no credibility and the derailing of an otherwise good WHS system can occur because it is seen as irrelevant to those “at the coal face”.

Meetings such as regular toolbox meetings, prestart meetings and general safety meetings can be held informally and without consuming valuable work time.

To ensure consultation is maintained SimpleWHS provides the means to hold meetings and raise concerns through;

  • Meetings
  • Committees
  • Health & safety representatives and wardens
  • Notifications

Workers can be notified of a meeting and the agenda and topics can be recorded and assigned to people to fix where a fix is required

Workers can be required to sign digitally when they attend ensuring a record of their culture of compliance.

Learn about the consultation section here


To enable the synchronisation of WHS with all an enterprises resources a number of registers are maintained.

Through these registers every WHS issue that has either directly or indirectly involved these resources can be tracked to them.

For instance a Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) may relate to multiple resources such as a job that requires the operation of a tractor, an implement, a fuel tank at a location and various other tools and equipment.

Learn about the registers section here

SimpleWHS enables a company to manage all it’s sites within the company. See more about the site register here.

Workers from each site can be exclusively managed. See more about the worker register here.

Contractors from each site can also be exclusively managed. See more about the contractor register here.

An unlimited number of locations within each site can be managed. See more about the location register here.

Assets are site related machinery, plant and equipment items that require WHS processes. See more about the asset register here.

Hazardous Goods

Chemicals, dangerous and hazardous goods can all be managed. See more about the hazardous goods register here.

The jobs that are carried out within each site. See more about the jobs register here.

Visitor Log
Visitor register can be set up at reception on a tablet for visitors to sign in and out. See more about the visitor log here.


The administration section is where a number of “housekeeping” tasks are managed such as…

Administration Tasks
A tasks is any action that is required to be attended to in relation to any of the WHS items in the system.

See more about administration tasks here.

Document/Attachment Manager

Effective Work Health and Safety management relies on efficient documentation.

Over time many documents will be generated associated with many different resources and involving most if not all aspects of WHS.

In most cases WHS documents end up in the deep, dark recesses of filing cabinets never to be found again or in obscure files on computers. As admin staff changes new systems are initiated and the time and money spent on old ones is wasted.

With SimpleWHS the powerful document and attachment manager ensures that documentation will stay permanently linked to all areas involved and that a document or file can be found easily no matter how old it is.

An unlimited number of files can be attached to any resource. For instance files such as SOPs, incident reports, service history and audits could be attached to assets or locations. and Training, certification, incidents and job placements can be attached to a worker or contractor.

See more about the document/attachment manager here.

User Management

This is where users are created and given roles so that each worker or contractor can always access their notifications and training.

See more about user management here.

Company and Subscriptions

When first opening SimpleWHS the dashboard appears with critical WHS information for administrators and users alike.

This information is created form the company section.

See more about the company section here.